About Us


Westfield|Wright offers our clients access to high level contacts in all media across all sectors, especially in business, finance and politics. We specialise in dealing with commentators and columnists – the so-called ‘pack leaders’ – to most effectively influence coverage and perceptions while giving clients unique insights into how the media operates, and what drives it. We assist in the following areas:markwestfield

  • Advise on the most effective media strategy: Whatever the needs or objectives of the client may be:
    • to raise a corporate, or individual’s, profile,
    • position a figure or a company ahead of an announcement,
    • fight off a hostile takeover, or alternatively,
    • assist in winning support for a bid,
    • manage a crisis or, in some cases,
    • help someone stay out of the media

We will devise a strategy that produces the best outcome

  • Media Training and Q&A Preparation: For any figure who needs to put their case to the media – to speak to potential customers, investors, regulators, even rivals – by professionals with decades of experience on the front-line
  • Strategic advice, analysis: The media is there, it won’t go away. Understand it. Harness it.

Our over-riding concern is to ensure our clients effectively reach out to their target audiences, that they are treated in the media as fairly and reasonably as possible, and that their messages are part – or even dictate the course – of the story.